Thursday, 17 May 2012

Parks and Recreation- Season 4 (TV Series)

Thank God the show is coming back for another season. Although the show has struggled rating-wise since its inception, 'Parks and Recreation' will be back for a full 22 episode season in Autumn. The cast and crew delivered some of their best episodes to date as the show saw Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) run for city council with the help of friends from the Parks and Recreation department of Pawnee, Indiana; Ann (Rashida Jones), April (Aubrey Plaza) and husband Andy (Chris Pratt), Tom (Aziz Ansari), Donna (Retta), Knope's boyfriend Ben (Adam Scott) Chris (Rob Lowe) and last but definitely not least, Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman).

top l-r: Andy (Pratt), Ann (Jones), Ben (Scott), and Knope (Poehler)
Oh and Jerry (Jim O’Heir) but no one cares about him.

With such a large principal cast it’s a wonder how the show managed to give each cast member enough screen time, hilarious lines, as well as great character development and fit it into a 20 minute slot each week. But 'Parks' has managed to do just that, while also squeezing in the occasional guest star (this season has featured Paul Rudd as Leslie’s part-time political adversary, and full-time man-child Bobby Newport and the always hilarious Kathryn Hahn as his cut-throat campaign manager, Jennifer Barkley).

Parks and Recreation is currently one of the funniest shows on television, currently airing on NBC in the United States, (a.k.a the home of the underrated sitcom) which also broadcasts '30 Rock' and cult-ish favourite 'Community', two other shows which have had reasonably poor seasons audience-wise. However, Parks still hasn’t managed to find a home here in the UK where it's bound to have a strong following on a channel such as E4 or Comedy Central. The answer as to why it hasn’t been snapped up yet remains unknown to me, but the show is a solid standout that deserves a hell of a lot more recognition.


Key Episodes: “Ron and Tammys” “Campaign Ad” “Lucky” “Win, Lose or Draw”

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